4 Landscaping Trends Make a Yard a Retreat

After spending hours at the office, many homeowners are ready to spend time outdoors. Comfort and luxury have recently been added to landscape design. Incorporating everything from modern architecture to lodge-style construction, landscaping has become far more than plants in the yard.

1. Outdoor kitchens and living areas

Decks are no longer simply a place to store the BBQ. They’ve become a full-service living area. Outdoor kitchens with a full cover, sink, and stove allow a deck to become an entertainment center. Add an outdoor fireplace to use the space in colder months. Low-voltage lighting on the stairs or railing can take parties late into the dark hours of the night.

2. A cozy gazebo with unique style

If having an outdoor fireplace on the deck doesn’t appeal to you, why not add one to a gazebo away from the house? A traditional gazebo becomes a private oasis when it can be used during the winter months. Push tradition aside and try a lodge-style gazebo with open timbers or log-cabin design. Tradition can easily become rustic sophistication. For those with modern taste, white shaded gazebos held aloft with a simple metal frame appeal the minimalist aesthetic.

3. The patio—more than a slab of concrete

Brick, flagstone, concrete, and tile—the options for patios has exploded. Concrete patios are no longer limited to a gray slab. They can be stained, stamped, and shaped to give character or add movement to the backyard. Think rounded edges and unusual patterns if you want to set your patio apart. A swirling pattern can take the eye from the driveway into an inviting space where you can relax and enjoy your family. Additional resources are available at the Royal Decks website.

4. Let nature inspire the outdoors

It makes sense to let the natural landscape set the tone for design. The idea is to not only be inspired by native plants and grasses but the more durable aspects of nature like stone and timber. Rock rivers created with local material withstand weather, need little maintenance, and blend with natural elements. Using the natural materials found in your area can cut down on costs and give the feeling that the design has been part of the landscape for years.

Thinking outside the box of the usual design features allows you to put your own spin on outdoor living. Planning with purpose can extend the square footage of your home. Whether you’re looking to create luxury or want nature to determine the layout, thoughtful landscaping can make the yard your escape.