Your wedding ring may be tremendously valuable to you. While it may have a monetary value worth several thousand dollars or more, it also may have tremendous emotional sentiment tied to it. Unfortunately, many wedding rings are washed down drains by mistake. After all, it is common to take rings off when washing a mess off of your hands or when hand-washing the dishes. The most common place to set a ring down is next to the edge of the sink. If you have had this unfortunate event happen to you, you may be wondering what steps you can take to recover the ring. A plumber may assist you, but there are some other steps to take before calling a plumbing company.

Avoid Washing Any Water Down the Drain
As soon as the ring washes down the drain, it is important to put a stopper in the drain to prevent more water from entering the pipe. When water enters the pipe, there is a greater chance that the ring will be pushed too far down the pipe to be retrievable. You should also instruct others in your home not to use the sink or drain until the ring has been retrieved.

Attempt to Get the Ring on Your Own
Scheduling plumbing service is a great way to attempt to recover your ring. However, before you set up service, you may want to attempt to pull the ring out of the pipe on your own. This should not be attempted if you do not have do-it-yourself plumbing skills as you could cause a leak or significant damage to your pipes. If you feel confident attempting to recover the ring, you can take apart the pipe under the sink. Be sure to capture the water in the pipe with a pan so that the ring does not get lost. If you make this effort and the ring is not there, professional services should be used. In addition, if the ring happens to wash down the bathtub drain, you will need professional assistance to retrieve the ring.

Schedule Plumbing Service
Plumbers are skilled at pulling items out of pipes. Even if you believe the ring cannot be recovered, your plumbing company may surprise you. As soon as you determine that you cannot recover the ring on your own, set up plumbing service. Remember that the drain cannot be used until the plumber addresses the issue, and it can be an inconvenience to have a plumbing feature out of commission in your home.

Plumbing service may be the ideal solution for retrieving your lost wedding ring. However, in the rare event that the plumber cannot resolve the problem, you should consider filing an insurance claim with your provider. The Plumbing website is a good reference if you want to find more information online.


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